Speedboat Dumped in Doncaster

A local council has left social media users in stitches over its' comedy reporting of a fly-tipping incident in Doncaster. The @MyDoncaster Twitter account posted an image yesterday showing a dumped speedboat in a road in the South Yorkshire town...which lies 44.7 miles from land. The sight of the incongruous white and blue vessel clearly tickled the person responsible for the council's social media present..

After publishing the initial image, saying succinctly: 'We have found a speedboat. On a road. In Doncaster', the cheeky council worker went on to post a slew of memes about the incident including pointing out, with a map, that the town was a long way from the nearest water, the North Sea.

There was lots of gentle teasing at the person responsible for ditching the speedboat - which it said had been right under a no fly-tipping sign.With a scene from the animated version of Peter Pan showing Captain Hook walking the plank, one tweet read: 'Once we catch the culprit they could get a Fixed Penalty Notice, a suspended sentence, or maybe a more…nautical punishment would be fitting.' ..

Eventually, @MyDoncaster also revealed the fate of the boat, saying it 'has now been removed and, having been investigated further, is now in boat heaven. The thread was enjoyed by many, with some suggesting its sharp wit should win a social media award. @JonnyMallinson wrote: 'Is there a comms award for best thread...deserved!' @_Jeannie5_ also praised the account's jollity, saying: 'whoever's in charge of the account, thank you. Love a good sense of humour.'

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