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In this short blog, I'm going to give you some tips on how a man and van service could help you if you are looking to dispose of an old summerhouse or shed in the Doncaster area.

If your summerhouse or shed has seen better days. Or you simply no longer have use for it, there are two main options for disposal.

You could dismantle the structure yourself, hire a skip and get rid of it that way.  However, they aren’t always simple to take apart. So it could take the best part of two days and then, of course, you have to load the skip yourself.

The second option is to use a man and van service. Which would give you a couple of different options and costs.

If you can take the structure apart yourself and stack it neatly on the front of your property ready for removal. This will be the cheapest way of having it removed as it reduces the labour time significantly.

However, if you’d prefer someone else to dismantle it and remove it for you, then a team like ours at Clearance and Cleanup can certainly do that for you.

How they are made. 

Summerhouses and sheds are usually constructed of wood and/or metal.  They often have a felt roof and perspex windows.  This means that 100% is recyclable.

We are often asked how long it will take to dismantle a shed or summerhouse.  It’s a really difficult question to answer.  It fully depends on the quality of the structure when it was new, how old it is and whether it’s begun to rot.  Sometimes a rotten shed will fall apart within 30 seconds. But sometimes you need tools such as drills, lump hammers and screwdrivers to be able to make any progress at all.

Junk Doctor Doncaster team have many years’ experience dismantling structures like this all across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.  All our staff are in uniform, they operate in sign-written vans and are fully checked for criminal convictions (CRB checked).

So, if we can help you clear that unwanted shed or summerhouse please just get in touch.  We are here to help you in whatever way you need.

I hope you've found this blog helpful.

Thank you.


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