Shocking Rodent Report Figures

Doncaster’s pest control squad has been called out 5,712 times to get rid of vermin in less than two years.

Shocking figures reveal rat infestation was the most common cause for concern, with 4,178 incidents – an average of six per day – between April 2014 and February 2016. Doncaster Council call-outs included 2,787 reports of rats outside, 764 of rats inside a property and a further 627 incidents where the details were unspecified. Wasps accounted for 621 call-outs, while mice infestations resulted in 415.

Pest control officers responded to 104 incidents involving bed bugs, 204 involving fleas and 22 involving moles. Ants resulted in 82 call outs, with 15 for squirrels and 18 for bees. Call-outs relating to beetles, flies, mites, psocids or booklice, silverfish and weevils were all in single figures. Doncaster resident Glory Redmile says she has been living with an infestation in her council property for two years.

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